Weight Loss?

Oh no! Not ready for investing a whole lot of time preparing meals. That’s right! As tedious as weight loss may seem, the most challenging part is the preparation of meals. Being enthusiastic about the art of culinary is pretty subjective; one may put together a fancy dinner while casually enjoying their favorite podcast, while for others, even just the thought of cutting up vegetables tires them. Such individuals may even want to prepare a meal in their happy days, but while following a strict diet, this is a big No!

Are you one of these?

Or just looking for a guide to sort out your everyday fret of coming up with a healthy meal? What so ever the case is, this blog will definitely prove to be your best friend.
For us, it’s all about the shortcuts – prep, cook & clean! Here are some tried & tested, time – saving practices to help you make your way through this efficiently!

Tip 1: Pick out your favorite meals & take your time to ponder

The time is all yours – no rush, no hurries! Once you have decided what type of healthy food you’re craving for, take one minute and think which meal to go for. Considering the prep time, whether you have all the ingredients & is it really worth investing your time in.

Tip 2: Go for a grocery stroll

Stocking up the essentials before time makes the task a whole lot easier. When you have things ready, it’s just the cooking. Try this & feel the difference.

Tip 3: Take Baby Steps

Don’t overburden yourself – you cannot prepare the smoothie, the main meal & the portion of your favorite dessert the very first day. Take things slowly, so you look forward to that time of the day!

Tip 4: Get organized

Plan meals for a week so you don’t have to brainstorm every day; this helps!

Tip 5: All Food Groups Matter

Not just carbohydrates or too much of proteins – make sure to incorporate all food groups in your weekly or bi-weekly plan; that’s what a healthy diet is.

Tip 6: Quality Storage Containers

The most important yet most compromised part – invest in right quality storage containers. Missing lids & miss-matched containers make the meal prep process frustrating!

Tip 7: Variety – It matters

Keep a collection of low – calorie sauces & herbs in your pantry all times; these make the bland meals a whole lot appetizing

Tip 8: Maintain a Recipe Book

For sure, you don’t want to spend time thinking about what you made last week or experiment with your favorite salad bowl. Make sure to keep the recipes on hand!

Tip 9: Wash & Cut to produce well

Who doesn’t like working with perfectly trimmed coriander leaves & shiny bright, cherry tomatoes? So, that’s the key!

Tip 10: Relax & Unwind

Your mental health matters, THE MOST. Do what you want & eat what you feel like; cheating sometimes is always a good idea.

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